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William Heisey

Bill was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania (hence his addiction to chocolate) but moved to Virginia as a teenager. He attended James Madison University and has a master’s degree in accounting. He is now retired, but during his career, he worked in the accounting field and was a certified public accountant. In addition, he taught accounting and taxation for 12 years at a local community college. His first exposure to sports betting was in the late 1970s during a business trip to Las Vegas. Over the years, he has tried various sport betting websites but found one common outcome…. Losses, not big but still a loss. Two events prompted the writing of this book: the COVID pandemic and the legalization of online sports betting in Virginia. From the outset, he decided that if he made a profit from his betting strategy, he would donate 50% of his profits to charity, which he did. His favorite hobbies are travel, sports, and playing poker and other games of chance.

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